Fallow Deer Trophy Fees

  • Trophy Fallow Deer Hunt: $5,600
    Hungarian Breeder Fallow Bucks (Limited): $10,500

Fallow Deer Hunting Season: There are no seasonal restrictions, however we highly recommend Sept-Feb for a nice antlered Fallow.

Origin: Europe
Horn Size: 28-38 inches
Weight: 220-330 pounds
Estimated World Population: 50,000+

Fallow Deer Hunting Information

  • The call of a Fallow deer is called “groaning” and sounds very similar to burping.
  • Fallow deer prefer to go under obstacles rather than jump over.
  • The Romans helped spread fallow deer across Europe.
  • During rut, it is common to find bucks limping, looking years older than their actual age, and appearing as if they won’t survive another day.
  • Many Fallow die from fighting during rut!

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