Buffalo Trophy Fees

  • Record Class Buffalo Herd Bull (1200-1500 lbs): $7,000
    Meat Buffalo (700-1000 lbs): $3,360
  • White Buffalo: $15,400

Buffalo Hunting Season: Buffalo can be hunted year round in Texas, however they have their best coat during the winter months.

Origin: North America
Horn Size: 17-22 inches
Weight: 1,200-2,100 pounds
Estimated World Population: 500,000

Buffalo Hunting Information

  • Though buffalo may seem slow and harmless due to their lethargic movements, they are capable of running over 40 miles per hour.
  • American Bison can be extremely dangerous and have injured three times more people than bears, at Yellowstone National Park!
  • In 1840, there were over 60 million buffaloes that roamed the Great Plains.
  • In 1883 Teddy Roosevelt went to the Dakotas to hunt Bison. Upon his return to New York, he paved the way for the conservation movement and in 1905 the American Bison Society was formed to save the Bison from extinction.
  • Bison meat is lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein than beef and is delicious!
  • Buffalo can grow to over 3,800 pounds.
  • Buffalo Are the largest mammal in North America.

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