Persian Ibex Trophy Fees

  • Persian Ibex Trophy < 30”: $6,300
    Record Class Persian Ibex Trophy >30”: $7,500

Ibex Hunting Season: Ibex never shed their horns, this means they can be hunted year round in Texas, making them an ideal year around trophy

Origin: Middle East
Horn Size: 14-48 inches
Weight: 55-154 pounds
Estimated World Population: 1,200

Ibex Hunting Information

  • Unlike most desert-dwelling animals, Nubian Ibex need water daily.
  • Their coats reflect solar radiation which helps to keep them cool in the heat of summer.
  • They take shelter in caves when it rains and on cold winter nights.
  • The main predators of these animals are leopards, bearded vultures, and eagles.
  • Extremely sure footed and agile these animals prefer steep, rocky terrain

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