Red Stag Trophy Fees

  • Management Red Stag (6×6): $4,750
    Trophy Red Stag (up to 300″ SCI): $7,500
    Monster Red Stag (301-349″ SCI): $8,750
  • Red Stag Hind: $2,310

Red Stag Hunting Season: There is no seasonal restriction, however Red Stag are typically hard horned from Sept-Feb.

Origin: Europe
Antler Size: 32-45 inches
Weight: 750-1,000 pounds
Estimated World Population: 100,000+

Red Stag Hunting Information

  • Larger stag antlers tend to form a “cup” or “crown” at the 4th or 5th tines.
  • Most venison served in restaurants is red stag meat.
  • They have a pair of ivory teeth just like elk.
  • They can gain as much as 500 percent of their weight in summer months.
  • Red stags are able to interbreed with both elk and sika deer.
  • Their antlers are made of bone that can grow one inch a day!
  • Their antlers are testosterone-driven, meaning that when the stag’s testosterone levels fall, their velvet comes off and their antlers stop growing.
  • Red Stags are also known as “Red Deer.”

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